The Program

How It Works

Bluebolt offers beautifully designed solar powered benches and newspaper kiosks to Universities, Colleges, Lifestyle Centers and Municipalities at no charge.

Our benches and newspaper kiosks provide an update to existing outdoor structures and are powered by the sun! These solar powered units are 100% off the grid; units will provide users with charging locations and lights that serve as a safety. You choose the locations, and the unit gets installed with a few bolts in the ground.

We produce, install, maintain and you will have advanced your institution to use clean energy.

Bluebolt funds this program through the sale of approved advertising on 2 panels of each unit. In addition to going green, the institution will generate income.

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Next Steps


Bluebolt and Institution have a call or email exchange to discuss our services in greater detail and answer any questions that you may have.


Institution sends a list of locations for benches and / or newspaper kiosks.


Bluebolt approves locations and send over a term sheet.


Term sheet is approved by Institution, and contract is sent and signed by both parties.


2-4 months to manufacture, 1 day and 8 bolts to install.


Enjoy going green.


Are they really for free?

The solar benches and solar newspaper kiosks are free with no hidden costs.

How are they installed?

A few bolts into solid foundation, and yes installation is free.

Where are they located?

You tell us. We only ask that they are placed in high traffic areas (quads, student unions, stadiums, residences).

Can we personalize these units?

Yes, you can select a color.

Can we have as many as we want?

Unfortunately, no, BUT we will try to accommodate your needs. We anticipate initial orders to consist of 4-6 benches and 6-8 newspaper kiosks. We can discuss additional units on a case by case scenario.

Who maintains these units?

We do.

What is the life span of the units?

10-15 years! We may have to replace an LED light bulb or a charging battery over the course of time, but you won’t notice.

Can we control who advertises on the panel?

Yes, we will not sell sensitive categories. This can be personalized by each institution.

Does the school or municipality receive revenue from the advertisements?


Can we use an ad panel when it’s not sold?


How long does the battery last?

A fully charged battery can last 3-4 days until it needs more solar energy.

Who controls the nighttime lights?

The units are light sensitive, so they will react to daytime and nighttime, and inclement weather.

How do we get started?

Fill out the form on the Contact Us page, or call 212-759-0200.